FullTime Fantasy Sports offers fantasy football leagues and contests where outcome is determined based on the level of skill of the participants (team owners). The skill of the participant may vary and is often determined by his ability to prepare, draft and manage his FullTime Fantasy Sports team throughout the season. The mathematical odds of winning listed below assume equal skill amongst all participants. These odds may be used to help provide clarity as to one's realistic chances to win an individual league or national contest.

Odds of winning posted below are based on this year's FullTime Fantasy Sports contest capacities and assume a sellout for all multi-league national contests. Should the national contest not sell out, the odds of winning would improve for each team in that contest.

Odds of winning below only reflect the odds to win 1st place in that particular league or contest.

All FullTime Fantasy Sports national contests offer multiple levels of prizes beyond the grand prize for 1st place. Each national contest (with the exception of our Playoff Contest and Maui Madness) is made out of 12-team leagues with each league having it's own individual prize(s). The odds of winning each 12-team league within a national contest is 1 in 12 or 8.33%.

National contests capacity may change in future seasons. FullTime Fantasy Sports will advise participants of any such changes prior to opening registrations and all changes would be listed on the rules pages of each contest.

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